5 Essentials for a Backyard Wedding

By Neelab Hussaini

According to, eighty-one percent of people getting married in 2021 say the pandemic has changed their expectations for their wedding. With venues being booked up, couples are realizing that at-home weddings are the route to go. There are many benefits of hosting your own wedding, from the lack of noise ordinances to the huge budget reduction, hosting at home for many is a far superior option. Couples can hone in on perfecting small details and invite selected loved ones to create truly special memories.

  1. String it All Together

Cafe bulbs really set the stage and warm up any home space for your big day. One fresh way to feature string lights is filling lanterns with nests of tiny bulbs or wrapping them around trees and greenery to create a glowing greenery effect. Brighten up your celebration and set the mood for your wedding day. Shop Here!

  1. Bring the Bar Outside

The best part of an outdoor wedding is the easy open bar! Gather cocktail tools and ingredients for a DIY setup. Create at-home infused spirits, simple syrups and pre-speared garnishes. Make up some simple directions on recipe cards and fill up a beautiful ice station. Get creative using a canoe, bathtub or wheelbarrow full of ice and plunge it full of sparkling, white wine, rose and beer. Want to go the extra mile? Bring in a tap system for self service wine, beer and even sparkling cocktails.

  1. Use Plants for Your Centerpieces

To recreate a botanical wedding look, use potted plants to transform your dream day into a beautiful gorgeous garden in your backyard. Incorporating potted herb centerpieces into your space is a hot trend this year, plus you can give them as favors to your wedding guests.

  1. Create A Hangout Lounge

Bring the indoors into an outdoor hangout spot for your guests to feel cozy while sipping on cocktails. Mix and match a variety of furniture into your dedicated lounge spot. Play around with textures and tones to create a beautiful photo moment. Add in some final floral details to make this cozy corner ultra inviting.

  1. Setup Banquet Tables

Backyard weddings are all about having your family and friends together. Add a long narrow banquet table and decorate with vintage keepsakes and candles from home. This will add a personal touch while bringing your loved ones together.

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