5 Tips For Experiencing the Perfect Honeymoon Road Trip

By Gabrielle Pharms

Many engaged and newlywed couples face a new dilemma as a result of the pandemic. Though traveling internationally has been put on pause for most Americans for over a year, there has been even more discouragement all the more so as of late April. The U.S. State Department recently disclosed a “Do Not Travel” list comprised of about 80 percent of countries globally stating “unprecedented risk to travelers.”

Even though that dream honeymoon abroad has to be put on hold for now, all is not ruined. Fortunately, the States offer scenic views from coast to coast. Whether you’re into beautiful beaches or picturesque mountains, there’s a city for you that’s merely a drive away. We’ve compiled five tips on how to make the most of your honeymoon road trip below. Happy and safe travels!

1. Plan to Hit Multiple Cities

You and your partner could opt for a single destination to visit, but where’s the fun in that? Make the best use of your time on the road by visiting more than one city. The key is to make a list of the top five places you both would like to hit. Research the select cities to discover both the ultra-touristy spots and the underrated gems. Then, map out the route. Allow time for detours as those are not only are inevitable, but usually lead to a fun adventurous side trip all on their own.

2. Well Document the Trip

Memories are meant to be cherished and the primary way you can do this is by taking photos. Smartphones capture great shots, but elevate your photo taking game by investing in an INSTAX Square Camera.This camera instantly snaps your best moments and prints on the spot. You can then add these photos to a honeymoon-themed collage board or album. On a side note, nowadays it’s all about photo shoots for social media, but don’t fall into that trap. Document your trip for YOU and if you’d like to share the joy on Instagram, make a post after your road trip. Another fun and romantic way to well document your honeymoon is through an individual travel journal. You and your partner can then share highlights from each other’s journals as yet another way to bond.

3. Splurge Along the Way

Besides taking photos, another way to enliven the memories of your honeymoon road trip is by splurging on novelty knickknacks and souvenirs along the journey. Discovered a craft brewery along the road? Be sure to take a six-pack to-go along with a brewery tee. See a one-of-a-kind boutique in a quaint town? Be sure to purchase a unique piece for your wardrobe. When you indulge in the little things during your sojourn, this makes road tripping all the more special and enjoyable. We also recommend picking up a postcard from each destination too.

4. Rent the Right Ride

If you’re going to spend hours on the road, you definitely want to make sure you rent a comfortable car, truck, or SUV. Before you rent a vehicle, take into account the terrain you will encounter along with what has the best gas mileage. By investing in luxuries such as a moonroof and plush leather interior, you’ll enhance the road trip experience even more. Nothing’s worse than being stuck in a car you hate for hours and days! So, make sure you choose a model that makes you both happy.

5. Make Time for R&R

When you think of R&R, perhaps “rest and relaxation” comes to mind. However, when you’re on your honeymoon road trip, R&R stands for “rest stops and romance.” Even the most smitten couples need some separate “me” time and this is especially the case when you’re on a long road trip. So, plan for some space at rest stops. Go for a brief walk while your partner hits the vending machine. Giving each other these essential breaks will save you from trivial arguments (“We’re really listening to Kacey Musgraves for the third time?!”) while not detracting from the romantic getaway as newlyweds.

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