7 Surprising Ways to Chill Wine

By Melissa Massello

It's nearly July 4th weekend which means breaking out the ice buckets and making room in your fridge (or freezer!) to put a crisp chill on your favorite pink, orange, and white varietals.

Or, does it?

We asked Tyler Balliet, founder of Rosé Mansion—the first-ever immersive rosé wine drinking and learning experience, which opens in Midtown Manhattan next month—for his tried and true ways to chill wine for a crowd, and some of them are seriously clever.

"When you’re a rosé expert throwing wine tastings for thousands of people per day, you have to find all sorts of ways to get wine cold fast," Tyler said. (You know, so you can Rosé All Day.) Here are some of Tyler's favorite ways to chill wine quickly—plus a few on the weirder side that actually work:

The tried and true go-to for chilling wine in a hurry is still an ice bucket with a little water and a handful of salt—the salt lowers the freezing temperature of the water. (SCIENCE!) Tyler recommends wrapping special bottles of wine in plastic bags first to preserve the labels, or using a larger cooler to ice down an entire case at a time—just remove the cardboard box, stand the bottles upright in the cooler, and cover with ice, like they do behind the bar.

Just like Dad used to keep a pint glass in the freezer, always at the ready to cool down a bottle of lager, Tyler recommends always keeping a few wine glasses and Champagne coupes in the freezer for quickly chilling down single bottles of wine, bubbles, or cocktails.

A neat trick for chilling wine when you don't have any ice handy is to wrap the wine bottle in wet towels and then stick it in the freezer for seven minutes. Don't have a freezer, or even a fridge, handy? Tyler still recommends this trick for picnics and parties—just hold the wet-towel-wrapped bottle in front of an air conditioning vent, whether in a wall unit or a car!

Just because you're celebrating happy hour away from home at a backyard BBQ or on a booze cruise doesn't mean that you can't have properly chilled wine. Tyler recommends taking advantage of analog party amenities to jury-rig an A+ in college-style oenophilia: Place your plastic wine cup inside a red Solo cup, with ice between the two. Even that boxed wine will be rising in stock price in no time.

Garnishes can sometimes be so much more than Pinteresting: both frozen grapes and whiskey stones can do double duty by adding interest and a nice drop in temperature to glasses of wine. But unlike ice cubes, neither will dilute your drink—or make you feel declassé.

Putting those Mr. Wizard science skills to use again—especially if you have the luxury of chilling the wine away from the prying eyes of your guests—there's this handy surface area trick from Wine Folly: Take half the bottle of wine and pour it into a Ziploc bag, submerge the bag in an ice bath until it reaches the right temp, then pour into glasses. Tyler also recommends an easier version, which is to pick up your wine and extra ice on the way to the party and carry them together in the same bag on your walk/drive—it'll be chilled by the time you get there.

Want to get really weird? While Tyler doesn't recommend this one, we just heard about the "Toilet Tank Method": One Brooklyn wine shop owner, Paul Saums, recently told HuffPost that if you stick a bottle of wine in the water of your porcelain toilet tank during a party, where the water is a cool 56 degrees, and let it repeatedly flush and refill, the bottle will be gently chilled to the proper serving temperature in under an hour…

Or, if you just want to enjoy a bunch of perfectly-chilled rosé this summer grab tickets to the recently reopened Rosé Mansion in NYC! With 14 rooms of pink bliss including an onsite custom wine blending lab, the all-new Rosé Mansion is a perfect night out this Summer.

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