Babes, Blooms & Bubbly: Your Galentine’s Day Party Checklist

By The ThirstyNest Editors


Pop, fizz, pink! Galentine’s day is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate than surrounding yourself with your favorite gal-pals? Whether you’re single or taken, this day is the perfect excuse for eating sugary goodies and drinking bubbly. Follow our checklist below for some ideas on how to throw the very best V-day-in.

  1. Beautiful Blooms

We love to buy flowers for ourselves - even on Valentine’s Day - like Lizzo says, cuz I’m my own soulmate. We went to the experts on how to best select a variety of whites, reds and pinks for your arrangements. Aurea Sanabria Molaei, florist & founder of the so-hot-right-now shop Flower Bodega , gave us her top tips.

“Select flowers in a color palette that are complementary. For example, if your motif is red, select various shades of red (from bright red to deep burgundy) to create depth and drama. Add in touches of pink or blush to brighten it up,” says Aurea. “Flowers with movement to them (curves in the stem) also add drama and interest to the arrangement.”

“When selecting greenery, try to match your colors to the leaves and stems of your flowers. This makes everything look and feel cohesive. Adding 2 or more types of greenery adds dimension and elegance to your arrangement.”

  1. Heart Eyes for Heart-Themed Décor

It’s all about adorable tabletop style when hosting. A few extra details on the bar add some Instagrammable moments for a memorable night.

We love finding creative ideas on Etsy or at your local artisan candy shops. There you can discover anything from sweet linen napkins and trendy cocktail-stirrers to heart-shaped sweets and more!

  1. Talk Bubbly To Me!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re obsessed with the Cavicchioli 1928 Limited Edition Heart Prosecco . This gorgeous bottle has a vibe all its own and is perfect to celebrate with the people that you love! This sparkler has aromas of ripe lemon and white flower followed by a crisp finish of citrus and green apple. The bottles look great lined up on a bar cart and even better when toasted!

Garnish your glasses with strawberries, raspberries, or rosé infused gummy bears for a pink party theme. We love Sugarfina gummy candies to add into the glass or for gifting. You can also check out our signature cocktail below for some ideas on how to add an extra touch to your bar.

  1. Sweet Treats for Your Girl Gang!

The most tempting part of this party playlist is the yummy treats and heavenly chocolates to add to your table. Put out chocolate covered fruit, marshmallow hearts, gumballs, white chocolate pretzels, and valentine candy corn to make a great mix for your party to snack on.

Get creative with your display and play around with props to add some extra dimension. We love taking non-traditional household items to new heights by using them to spruce up a spread. That could be anything from antique vases and flatware to vintage teacups.

Make your Galentine’s Day as simple or over-the-top as you want, because the most important part is not what you do but who you’re with. Surround yourself with your favorites and pop some bubbly to celebrate. We’ll cheers along to all the wonderful women in your life this Valentine’s Day!

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Directions: Muddle 5-6 fresh strawberries and strain into a shaker filled with ice. Add in 1/2 ounce of rose water and shake. Strain into a flute and top with Cavicchioli Prosecco. Garnish with a strawberry.

Pro tip: Batch the strawberry-rose water by placing fresh strawberries into a blender, purée and strain off the juice. Combine the juice with rose water to taste and chill. Before guests arrive place on bar cart for guests to create their own bubbly cocktails.

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