Flower Arrangement 101 & A Virtual Workshop

By Neelab Hussaini

Spring has sprung but you’re stuck at home so why not put that creativity you’re always bragging about to use and learn something new. Ever thought about learning a language? How about painting your masterpiece? I think that closet could use some organizing….Hey, since we’re talking about hands-on projects to help your mind bloom, we talked with flower expert, Aurea Sanabria Molaei, who owns Flower Bodega. This boutique floral shop specializes in events, installations and editorial collaborations while creating memorable experiences through art. Check out her tips on making a DIY flower arrangement at home for inspiration or to give to a loved one.

  1. Select a vessel that fits nicely in the location you have in mind and plan to make your arrangement match the height of the vase at the very least so that it doesn't feel too sparse or short. Fill it up with clean water.
  2. Process all of your florals and greenery by removing all of the leaves that will land below the water line and trim the stems at a 45-degree angle. Place them in a separate container with freshwater while you're arranging. This allows them to perk up before use.
  3. Select flowers in a color palette that is complimentary. For example, if your motif is red, select various shades of red (from bright red to deep burgundy) to create depth and drama. Add in touches of pink or blush to brighten it up. Flowers with movement to them (curves in the stem) also add drama and interest to the arrangement. When selecting greenery, try to match your colors to the leaves and stems of your flowers. This makes everything look and feel cohesive. Adding 2 or more types of greenery creates dimension and elegance to your arrangement.
  4. Try to include a focal flower (larger bloom like a traditional rose, garden rose, or peony), a smaller bud flower (like a carnation or ranunculus), and fillers (think sprays, statice, thistle, waxflower, Limonium, or berries). Trendy flowers like dried grasses, bunny tails and anthuriums add character and an added layer of cool to the finished product. Texture is very important when making a bouquet or an arrangement.
  5. Finally, flower care! Change your water daily, trim your stems at a 45 degree angle, and make a homemade flower food recipe comprised of one part sugar, one part apple cider vinegar. Keep your arrangement away from heaters and open windows.

Thanks, girl! Aurea is hosting virtual floral workshops that you can join in. New Yorkers can create along with her and receive a Flower Bodega Workshop Kit delivered to their door! Take the opportunity to try a new skill and have fun doing it.

Click here for more details on the workshop.
Click here to see her gallery of her amazing work.

Instagram: @flowerbodega


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