How to Host the Best Bridal Shower Brunch

By The ThirstyNest Editors


Tis the season for our favorite (and newest) holiday, National Brunch Day! That’s right, we now have an official day tomorrow on Sunday, June 23rd. This is a celebration we can get behind.

In honor of this occasion we’ve put together some tips from our experts to host the ultimate Bridal Shower Brunch along with the perfect collection of gear to host.

1. Ask guests to bring on-theme gifts!

For a celebration of all things Brunch and Bridal, ask your guests to purchase gifts from the registry that will help the couple make their own! That could be anything from waffle makers and cocktail gear to flutes and Prosecco for their future mimosas. Your guests could get even more thoughtful by buying gift cards to the couples’ favorite local brunch spots. Maybe they’ll thank you by inviting you over join them!

2. Setup a smart Sparkling Bar

We’ve all seen a gorgeous DIY set up but the best way is to give creative direction to your guests. We love coming up with two great cocktail concepts and putting out the ingredients to make it even easier to create. This includes prepped simple syrups, juices, and garnishes. These also make a great takeaway recipe cards.

All of that is best supported by an excellent sparkler. We love to use Zonin Prosecco to top our bridal brunch cocktails for its refreshing and fruity flavor profile. It acts as a perfect partner to elevate your cocktails while standing crisp and delicious on its own. We’ve included a few of our favorite recipes below.

3. Glam up your brunch gear

These days it’s easy to find adorable accessories and metallic décor to add a little shimmer to your shin-dig. Gold flatware is all the rage but there are tons of options on Etsy for beautiful flatware that’s disposable and eco-friendly as well! You could go with glassware with a gold rim to add a touch of warmth your drinks or Leafily’s rustic chic disposable flatware.

4. Balance sin with healthy wins!

Brunch is one of our favorite food groups. Set up a make your own pancake and waffle bar with exciting toppings like homemade raspberry puree, chocolate shavings, crumbled bacon and Bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup . But these days it’s all about balancing with lighter options that aren’t light on flavor. An ideal offering is creamy avocado toast or an inventive fruit salad with refreshing herbs including mint, basil and ginger. Your guests will thank you later.

5. Pick games that last!

There are dozens of bridal shower games and not all of them are crowd pleasers. Our brides tell us their favorites create something they can take home to remember the day! For this idea we love an advice tree . Guests can pin marriage and relationship advice for people to read while they’re at the brunch and the bride can keep it as decoration.

Another idea is to create date-night dice! Get together a collection of blank wood cubes and guests will write out ideas for the couple to enjoy in the future. They can toss the dice and have fun with a spontaneous night together.

Lastly, anything that’s a little racy always livens up a party. Get a collection of the bride’s favorite style of underwear and let guests write on them with fabric paint. The giggles will be never ending.

Overall, make sure you have fun! Check out our favorite recipes below and our recommended collection for your Bridal Shower Brunch . Lastly, don’t forget to celebrate National Brunch Day on tomorrow on Sunday, June 23rd!

Ginger 75
1 oz Gin
½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice
½ oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur
3 oz Zonin Prosecco
Lemon wheel

Directions: Add all of the ingredients except for the Prosecco into a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a Champagne flute. Top with Zonin Prosecco. Garnish with lemon wheel.

Sparkling Sunrise
1 oz Campari
1 oz fresh Grapefruit Juice
½ oz Honey Water *
3 oz of Zonin Prosecco

Grapefruit peel

Directions: Add all of the ingredients except for the Prosecco into a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a Champagne flute. Top with Zonin Prosecco. Garnish with Grapefruit peel.

*Honey Water: Combine ½ cup of honey with ½ cup of water in a small pan. Heat and whisk until melted and fully blended together. Cool and store in the fridge for up to a month.

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