How To Host the Perfect Weekday Wedding

By Gabrielle Pharms

Hosting a wedding on the weekend is certainly popular, but it’s not a set rule that confines you to only host ceremonies Friday through Sunday. If the past year has taught us anything it’s that what’s considered the “norm” isn’t always in a couples’ best interest. According to The Knot, between the months of May to December 2020, over 63,000 couples set ceremony dates for Mondays.

Are you and your partner contemplating a weekday celebration?

Whether you want to stick to a low budget or simply want your dream venue that’s only available during the work week, having an off-day wedding has its pluses. Here’s some solid advice on how to host a memorable weekday wedding.

Prepare Guests in Advance

Do you really want that favorite aunt and best friend to grace your wedding with their presence? Then, it behooves you to prepare your guests well in advance. It’s absolutely crucial to send your save-the-dates a minimum of eight months before the wedding – even sending them a year ahead is a great plan. Wedding invitations should be sent at least three months in advance. When you follow the aforementioned timeline, you allow busy loved ones enough time to request time off from work and confirm babysitters prior to the occasion.

Have a Destination Wedding

Though we’re currently in a pandemic, that won’t always be the case. Going into the latter half of 2021 and trending into 2022, we predict there will be an increase in destination weddings. The perk of planning for this is two-fold. First, you and partner will weed out the invitees that don’t plan to trek to the country of your choice for the nuptials. Secondly, you’re able to cut costs by hosting your wedding on a weekday. Since confirmed guests have already allocated time off for your destination wedding, you won’t have to fret having the ceremony on a weekday.

Evening Time Is Best

When you plan your wedding ceremony to take place after 6:30 p.m., you allow guests who aren’t able to take off from work to come right after their day wraps up. Plus, having your wedding in the evening makes the lives easier for guests who don’t reside nearby to beat traffic. It’s helpful to include lodging recommendations near the wedding location so weary guests won’t have a long trek back to their homes. Be aware that if you’re hosting an evening weekday wedding, you can’t expect guests to party into the late-night hours. So, if you have a “go big or go home” party mantra, a weekday wedding may not be best choice for you.

Host a Backyard Wedding

At-home weddings are not only budget-friendly, but they also enable you to have more time to spend with guests. When you have a wedding that falls on a Monday-Thursday, it will be more challenging for guests to take time off. Thus, you’ll have a smaller list of confirmed attendees. So, if you want an intimate dinner party vibe, opt to host your wedding from the comfort of you or your friend’s charming backyard.

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