Our 3 Favorite Wines for Fall

By Jacqueline Strum

The leaves are changing, couples' costumes are being negotiated and sweater weather is just around the corner. Fall is finally here and that means a wealth of opportunities to try new sips this season!

One of the best things to consider when pairing for Fall is the wonderful array of gatherings you'll inevitably be invited to. (OMG,sopopular!) With that in mind, we've chosen our favorite bottles for this time of year that can also work nearly universally with food. Bring one of these babies over for your next dinner party and they will not disappoint no matter what's being served.

1. Pinot Noir

Surely you've tried this widely adored grape before, but what makes it so likeable? Its respect in the wine world is generally gained by its difficulty to grow and grow well. It has a thin skin with lean bright fruit making it more susceptible to lots of truly annoying issues that happen out in the field. Rot, water retention, sunburn (yes, really) and extreme temperatures can cause major problems during the growing season. It's not a grape for the faint of heart.

But you know what they say - work hard, pinot hard.

The more love and attention this grape is given, the more rewarding the result. When made in a cooler climate its bright acidity and subtle red fruits create the perfect pairing for everything from turkey and cranberry sauce to cheesy dips and apps. We love this Loveblock Pinot Noir from Central Otago which is a small cool region on the southern tip of New Zealand. The name says it all – what’s not to like about Loveblock for Fall?

2. Lambrusco

Sparkling wine. You've had it, you've heard of it from Cava to the iconic Champagne itself. What you may not have tried yet is it's warmer, more down to earth cousin from central Italy - Lambrusco. It's also sparkling but rouge in color as the red skins are left on to create a more tannic full boded flavor profile than its bubbly buddy Prosecco.

The additional skin contact creates a super rich pour that can stand up to everything from pizza to beef stew. This deliciously fizzy red allows you to bring a little sparkle into harvest season. We recommend trying it with early Fall tomatoes and gooey burrata for an epic weeknight meal.

3. Rosé

You may have thought your rosé-all-days were numbered but we're here to tell you to keep that ice bucketfresh!The newly white-hot Provence style of this wine is perfect for Autumn. It typically has the fresh red fruit of a red with the searing acidity of a white making it a pair-all hero for dinner parties.

We're popping Sacha Lachine's Single Vineyard Rosé. This wine producer has a serious Rosé resume (yes, that’s a thing) so you can trust you’re getting a great value for the price. Try it alongside some

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