Our Favorite Tips to Master Your Thank You Notes

By The ThirstyNest Editors


Once the confetti have been swept up and the glasses have been cleared, the struggle of writing thank you notes comes for us all. While it may sound like a daunting task, there are easy—and enjoyable—ways to thank your family and friends. Tackle the task of showing them your gratitude in style using these tips from our etiquette team.

Set up a workstation you can’t walk away from.

First, set up a designated workstation in your home so that you have everything you need laid out and on hand. Gather your best writing tools, stationary, envelopes and return-address labels in a well-lit, distraction-free zone. If you have everything within reach, you’re less likely to step away and accidentally turn on Netflix.

Second, rely on technology. If we can 3D print a 5-story office building (yes, really) you better believe there have been some advancements to help you here. A Google Doc, for instance, is commonly used because of its co-work and auto-save capabilities. Experts recommend you keep a master address list for your entire wedding, from save the dates through thank you notes.

Another game-changing platform we recommend is Postable. This platform actually mails out your notes on your behalf with imitation handwriting! If only it could do your dishes too.

Use science.

Have you heard of the research backed phenomenon,temptation bundling? Essentially, you can make any task seem more gratifying by combining it with something you really enjoy. This term, coined by Wharton Professor Katy Milkman, can help you tackle dozens of every day chores and tasks with ease.

Use this discovery to your advantage. Order in from your favorite takeout place to make your evening of writing a special one spent together. Or, put on a guilty pleasure playlist while you work. You’ll be done so quickly you won’t even make it through “Call Me Maybe.”

This time, make it personal.

There are dozens of wedding things you can personalize and the thank you notes are the final touch. Many couples include one standout photo to make the thank you more memorable. Another more evergreen option is to create custom stationary that puts to use that shiny new monogram you’ve just acquired. A more out-of-the-box idea is to mail Thank You Coasters. This gives your note a little personality, along with more functionality and staying power.

Our favorite tip, however, is to create a custom monogram stamp so you don’t have to overbuy stationary. Additionally, you can use it in the future on gifts bags, envelope closures and, just maybe, your yogurt for the office fridge.

Go the extra mile.

For those that went above and beyond buying you a set of glassware, a simple thank you card just won’t suffice. Go the extra mile for your best man, who helped to plan your big day, or your amazing parents or in-laws for hosting.

Nothing exudes appreciation like a bottle of something to be sipped neat. One of our favorites is The Macallan Rare Cask. It is a truly special whisky with rarity at its core that shows your gratitude for a gift that goes beyond the registry. This unparalleled Scotch is created from less than 1% of the finest Sherry seasoned casks aging at The Macallan distillery. The result is something phenomenal. Each bottle is one-of-a-kind, with the specific batch number and bottling year highlighted on the box and label.

Another idea would be to treat them to an experience, such as a special dinner out together or host them with all of your newly gifted gear. Putting in the extra effort to say thank you for the people who are really important is always worth it. The gratitude you show them is the gift back they deserve.

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