Real Couple Q&A: Chasin and Cory

By The ThirstyNest Editors

We sat down with this adorable Cali-based couple to chat about their fated journey to the alter. Read on and hear about their future home together. Spoiler alert: it's the stuff our drinky dreams are made of.

  1. So, tell us your meet cute story?

Cory was working at a financial services firm for two of my friends. Their number one rule was no dating their employees. That didn't last long... we finally met at my friend/her boss' birthday party and have been inseparable since. Though we didn't meet until then, fate would have it that Cory and I actually attended the same elementary school and high school but never crossed paths till that party.

  1. What do you guys like to drink at home?

Cory’s favorites: Malbec and dry Rieslings. Chasin’s favorites: Brunello di Montalcino & Napa Cabernet Sauvignon\

  1. What’s your most memorable imbibing experience together?

The night we got engaged. We popped a bottle of 2004 Moët & Chandon that I bought in Épernay, France a couple of years prior.

  1. What will be your Signature Drink for guests on your big day?

Manhattan's are my family's favorite and Cory will be doing a Gin Mint Julep.\

  1. How did you decide on a wine and spirits registry?

We recently bought a 1930 California cottage in Southern California with a cellar. Of course, we thought this would be the perfect place to store wine! Cory’s grandfather built us wine racks to hold 300+ bottles. We’re excited to give our friends and family the opportunity to help us fill our wine cellar!

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