Real Couple Q&A: Lara & Terence

By The ThirstyNest Editors

These two cuties were justnearlyhigh school sweethearts and then they spent another eleven years finding each other all over again. They made up for lost time after reconnecting over some Old Fashioneds and nights out on the town before Lara finally said "heck yes!" Luckily, they already have the perfect celebrity couple name figured out (spoiler alert: it's Larence) so all that's left is for them to become famous.

1. So, tell us you meet cute story?

We met in high school; We had mutual friends and would see each other in passing, but didn't have much of a relationship on our own throughout our high school careers. Terence said there was an instant attraction, however, and we did end up having a little summer fling before parting ways and going to different colleges where we lost touch.

Fast forward 11 years and Terence is scrolling through a dating app, see's me and immediately sends a message. Then he waited...for weeks...without a response. When I finally checked and saw his message, we made plans immediately. All it took was one night of reconnecting (and a couple of Old Fashioneds) to make us both realize there was something very special here. :)

2. What do you guys like to drink at home?

We are big whiskey drinkers at home. Terence is a Bourbon lover while Lara is more a Scotch kind of girl. We also have a few bottles of wine on hand for a nice dinner or enjoy a nice glass of rosé when the mood strikes!

3. What’s your most memorable imbibing experience together?

We had plans with friends that fell through at the last minute, so we decided to have an impromptu "night out on the town." We started with cocktails in the east village which led us to the idea of going to a speakeasy, and we decided to pass the time with some spontaneous shots and beers as we waited to get in!! The night ended surprisingly with a lovely seafood dinner, and all of the high end alcohol made for a "not so terrible" hangover the next morning!

4. What will be your Signature Drink for guests on your big day?

If we have a signature drink, it will most likely be whiskey based. At our engagement party our friends made us a signature cocktail called the "Larence", which was basically an Old Fashioned made with a peaty Scotch. Needless to say it was a hit!

5. How did you decide on a wine and spirits registry?

We love our wines and our whiskies, and when we found a registry that not only offered wines and spirits but also beverage accessories we were sold! Not to mention Jacki Strum is one of our favorite humans, and we have been following the company she has created from the get go! This registry was right up our alley!

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