Real Couple Q&A: Marlayna and Erik

By The ThirstyNest Editors

This Virginia couple was brought together by the forces of fate for their happily ever after. Whether it's bourbon, beer or a bottle of wine, these two really know how to have fun. Can we come to the after party?

1. So, tell us your meet cute story?

Let's face it...we met at a bar :) But actually, we met after a crazy set of circumstances working together to ensure that we found each other...something that can definitely be classified askismet.

Marlayna was avoiding working over a weekend by playing hooky with friends in Virginia. Erik was coming off a Saturday working but somehow got convinced to come out for dinner and a drink with his old college roommates. As luck would have it, Erik's old roommates were mutual friends of Marlayna's, and they happened to be having dinner at the brewery where Marlayna and friends were spending the afternoon. Dinner reservations were quickly expanded, introductions were made, and after a couple months of figuring out schedules to go on a first date, the rest is history.

2. What do you guys like to drink at home?

Marlayna is mostly into wine and Erik enjoys a good bourbon, so we have been educating each other about the intricacies of both spirits and learning a lot along the way.

3. What’s your most memorable imbibing experience together?

It would have to be getting drinks at one of our favorite breweries, which sits high up on a hill in Virginia with a beautiful view of the valley below. From there we have shared many great sunsets and moments surrounded by friends and our dogs as our relationship was growing into what it has become.

4. How did you decide on a wine and spirits registry?

We literally found ThirstyNest by searching "wine wedding registry" on Google. 😊 Similar to a lot of people these days, my fiancé and I are in our mid-30s and not in need of any of the traditional wedding gifts as we already live together and have PLENTY of kitchen gadgets (TWO Kichenaid mixers even!). But since we know some folks are still sensitive about gifting just cash we thought some tangible gifts that we would actually want / share / use would be a good thing to register for...hence the wine idea!

Originally we were thinking just wine, but when we found ThirstyNest, between the other alcohol (yay for bourbon!) options, the non-drink (beautiful glassware) choices for people who may not be comfortable gifting alcohol, the shipping included prices, and the traditional easy to use registry format, we figured the site would be perfect! Even though we're not sure we will get any of our high end bottles (unless folks go in on them together), it was waaaay more fun picking those out than scanning china patterns at a department store!

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