Take Your Wine on the Road like an NBA Baller

By Melissa Massello

A few weeks ago, ESPN revealed that the coolest thing in the NBA right now is their players' wine cellars. That's right, your favorite actual ballers are now some of the industry's most baller buyers: taking their prized vintages on the road with them when they travel for games; poppin' bottles together after a big win; and touring vineyards together as a team -- like the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were the first group tasting hosted at Mayacamas after the wildfires.

Minnesota Timberwolves player Jimmy Butler brought a wine case with him to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant likes to unwind with a full-bodied pinot noir after games. Chris Paul's wine buyer, Juan Mercado of Realm Cellars in Napa, sits courtside when the Houston Rockets play in California. Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade now has his own wine label, D Wade Cellars, in partnership with Pahlmeyer. Carmelo Anthony hosted "Two Bottle Sunday" dinners in New York City when he played for the Knicks, and even though he's with the Oklahoma City Thunder now, he never travels without his six-bottle case of wine -- mostly comprising Burgundies and Bordeaux.

If you're still looking for the perfect gift for the NBA-obsessed partner you're marrying -- or the NBA-loving gentlemen and gentlewomen in your wedding party -- consider following the lead from your favorite athletes and opening the door for them to be able to bring the best wine with them, wherever they may roam.

These three Thirsty Nest registry items are perfectly paired -- even monogrammable!

Two-Bottle Waxed Canvas BYO Wine Bag Like Hemingway or Indiana Jones, your retro-inspired daydreams always included a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar and utilitarian but luxurious luggage. This is the saddle bag for all your wine adventures, clad in leather trim and brass accents to go the distance — and ensure your wine does, too — plus a monogrammed tag to make it his own for eternity.

Three-Bottle Leather BYO Wine Backpack
The discreet backpack style and handcrafted, butter-soft leather of this wine bag are a perfectly incognito and classy way to carry bottles home from the wine shop, on the subway to a friend's house for dinner, or out for a summer concert. There's even a zippered pocket for your corkscrew.

The "Perfect Picnic for Four" Wine Bag
Your idea of the perfect double date is wandering out to where the WiFi is weak but the wine and cheese are strong and the views are 'Grammable. Whether you're hiking to a summit for a picnic, trekking a dozen city blocks to Shakespeare in the park, or chartering a boat for a sunset sail, this affordable all-weather backpack has everything you need including a blanket, wine glasses, plates, napkins, cooler compartment -- even salt & pepper. It's as lifelong and steadfast a sidekick as you're going to be.

Check out the entire selection of wine bags on Thirsty Nest -- and don't forget to add one to your own registry!

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