Virtual Happy Hours To Stream During Quarantine

By Neelab Hussaini

Although it seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, it was only a few weeks ago that we were able to sit next to each other sharing drinks and laughs in person. As we begrudgingly adjust to the “new normal” we’re all finding new ways to maintain our sanity and satiate our desire for human connection. Whether that’s creating interactive videos, zooming with friends and family, learning a new recipe, or perhaps making a tasty quarantini at home, keeping busy and staying connected has never felt more important. We’ve put a list together of 5 virtual happy hours you can stream from your own living room so you and your roommates can pretend to be more than just quarantine buddies for the time being.

  1. Rosé Mansion -

Every week, Rosé Mansion is hosting virtual happy hour events on Zoom where you get to meet the co-founder and learn about wine and make a quarantini of the week. Check out the schedule of events on their site and register - it’s free to join! Click here for the Instagram!

  1. Wine Enthusiast 40 Under 40's” - @wineenthusiast

Wine Enthusiast has virtual happy hour events that range from hosting a virtual dinner party to building an affordable wine collection from scratch and many others that include special guests! Check their Instagram page for upcoming episodes.

  1. Cork Buzz -

Cork Buzz is a restaurant and wine bar founded by Master Sommelier, Laura Maniec. On the website - for $10, you can register for virtual wine tasting happy hours on Zoom and the topics range from blind tastings to region tours. Click here for the Instagram!

  1. The Virtual Tasting Room - @thevirtualtastingroom

The most popular Instagram account that brings wine lovers together through virtual tastings. Check the account daily to make sure you’re up to date with each episode. You don’t want to miss it!

  1. Ball Gown Social Hour - @thelushlife and @sommelgay

Sarah and Stephen strive to fill the social gap caused by staying at home, to toast each other, share their favorite bottles, and have a good time. They also provide a red-carpet experience where participants can show off their outfits. Be sure to check out Sarah’s blog, there’s a ton of wine relating content!

For most of these virtual happy hours, all you need is a drink in your hand, and if you’re already holding one, don’t worry, we don’t judge. The experience of this is about bringing the community together - to enjoy a glass of wine and chat about the experiences of online tastings and more! These gatherings are fun and interactive so while you sit back and relax, enjoy the little sips in life.

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