Wedding Destination: The North Fork, NY

By The ThirstyNest Editors

Wine themed wedding destinations are some of the most sought after and romantic backdrops to say “I do.” With the industry flourishing in the United States every single state now has some form of a vineyard to discover. Yes, even in Alaska.

We’re giving you a taste of some of our favorite wedding weekends in wine regions across the country. If there’s another spot you would like us to tackle shoot us an email and we’ll take on the noble task of doing this “research” for you.

The North Fork on Long Islandis the Hamptons’ composting, foodie sister. There are beaches, yes, but they make for more of a great view and produce source than the focus of this gorgeous region. Cabernet Franc, locally grown ingredients and fresh-caught fish make for a serene escape just 2 hours east of Manhattan.

Jedidiah Hawkins

The Rehearsal Dinner: Jedediah Hawkins

This critically acclaimed restaurant and speakeasy is situated inside of a breathtaking historic building that’s onlymaybehaunted. It looks like something out of a Netflix series with Claire Foy, but its modern upkeep welcomes you to the North Fork way of living. Surrounded by 22 acres of gardens and farmland, this estate is the epitome of bucolic countryside. Also, did we mention the duck wings?

Host your Wedding Eve in their all glass Solarium for a view of the gardens in a more intimate setting or invite everyone for a cocktail in The Barn. The entire property is a perfect way to set the stage for the weekend ahead. It’s so romantic you may accidentally get married early. Whoops!

Sound View

The Hotel: Sound View

The North Fork has several 1950s motels that have been converted into retro-chic boutique places to stay. We can’t think of anything more campy-cool than that.

We recommend the Sound View in Greenport with ocean views from nearly every lookout. It oozes North Fork style with beachy keen furniture and minimalist decor. It’s utterly un-Hamptons in the best possible way.

Additional options includeThe Duncan Inn,American BeechandOrient Inn.

The Wedding Venue: Bedell Cellars

This family owned winery is one of the most picturesque venues on the strip. They produce hand-crafted wines with a focus on sustainable farming. The small batch blends make up a wide spectrum of varietals. Growing everything from Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Merlot to Chardonnay and Viognier, Bedell has something for everyone. Their Sparkling Rosé is crisp and refreshing with flavors of tart red apple and raspberry, a perfect wine to toast.

The venue has several charming spots to celebrate. Our favorite is in front of its iconic towering oak tree for the ceremony. It doesn’t get much more gorgeous plus you can save on some decor with this focal point as a natural stunner. The reception is typically held inside of their rustic-chic tasting room with a cathedral style roof and a gargantuan mahogany deck overlooking the vines. Spring for a fresh oyster bar to treat your guests to local fare and to clinch your spot as the best party of the season.

Lavender by the Bay

The Things to Do:

Mattituck: Greeting you off the train from everyone's favorite -- Penn Station -- is Love Lane. This adorable strip in the heart of Mattituck, NY is full of local vendors and cafes. From the Village Cheese Shop which stinks to high heaven (in the best kind of way) to Love Lane Kitchen with its retro vibe and cozy atmosphere, it’s the warmest of welcomes.

Greenport: All the way at the end of the Fork is this adorable walking town. Make your first stop at Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market for a frothy beer and some bivalves. It’s location in the heart of the town is a perfect place to start exploring. Another favorite is Lavender by the Bay which is a family owned and operated lavender farm. It smells as good as it looks and it looks really, really good.

Kontokosta Winery

The Other Wineries:

Kontokosta Winery: One of the newest to the scene, this beautiful rustic gem sits right on the water. Grab a glass, take an Instagram story in front of the all ship-lap tasting room and enjoy the beautiful setting.

Shinn Estate Vineyards: One of the original biodynamic wineries on the fork, Shinn has a beautiful property and even more beautiful wines. Sip on their ultra terroir driven 2017 Concrete Blonde. This small production Sauvignon Blanc was aged in a ceramic clay egg allowing the purity of the grape to shine through using this ancient methodology.

Sparkling Pointe: The name says it all. This winery has effervescence in its name and its personality. It’s less sip-and-swirl snobbery and more celebration. That doesn’t mean the wines suffer, they’re all produced in the traditional méthode champenoise style to be sure the quality is first class.

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