Why a Wine & Spirits Registry Should Be a Thing

By Jacqueline Strum

It happened. My best friend proposed to me last year and I. Was. Ready. Coming from an event planning background, I went in guns blazing, Pinterest boards on fleek, timeline organization in my station—the works.

Everything went as expected, from the overpriced wedding flowers and fairy tale wedding dresses to the delicious wedding cake tastings. What I didn’t expect was a huge issue in the wedding registry process.

Oh, You Didn’t Get the Gun?

Oh, I got the gun. And with said gift gun I stepped into a department store armed with my fiancé expecting rainbows and butterflies to guide me from gift to gift. What I found was two serving platters...womp womp. I realized I was being tasked with asking my friends and family to buy us gifts we didn’t want or require.

What’s Up with That

This conundrum was due to the fact that I was getting married significantly later than my mother’s generation. Rather than saying “I do” at 22 and moving to suburbia, I was 29 and living in a shoebox in Manhattan.

As a late 20s/early 30s couple getting married:

  1. We lived together before we got married.
  2. We had enough grown-up stuff to run our household.
  3. We lived in a small apartment where space was at a premium.

We Down with the MOB (Yea You Know Me)

The Mother of the Bride on the other hand was pressuring us to add more gifts for the engagement party and bridal shower and we hadn’t even started with the wedding itself! This left us with a big problem. We started adding classic registry items--vases, frames, gravy boats, ravioli crimpers, oyster forks--with the express purpose of returning them.

“Oh yes! The designer candy dish that costs more than my couch? It graces our dining room table. I ask it to grant me three wishes each night.”

The only things we wanted more of were consumables (read: food & booze,) experiences, some upgraded housewares and a few entertaining items to prove to our friends that we were—in fact—married grown ups.

::Lightbulb Emoji::

That’s when it hit me. Why can’t I register for the most giftable consumable of all — wine and spirits? I wouldn’t have to go through the process of returning items or ask people to purchase stuff I didn’t want. It would be like registering for experiences in a bottle I could enjoy with my friends and family in the future.

Enter - ThirstyNest.

ThirstyNest provides a solution for this gap we found in the wedding registry process. Finally, you can register for gifts you won’t have to lie about enjoying #honesty. Our team of beverage experts and hospitality influencers will help you curate a boss registry that actually makes sense for the modern newlywed household.

Want to get started setting up your own registry? You can either click "Create a Registry" on the home page or shoot us a note at to learn more!

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