Wine Storage 101

By Jacqueline Strum

Because closets are for shoes, and wine is not shoes.

If you've registered with ThirstyNest not only are you a handsome genius, you may also be coming into a collection of wait-worthy wines. To really take care of those puppies you'll need a safe space to store them for years to come. Think of wine like a living breathing entity that you need to keep comfortable and cozy so that it ages beautifully.

There are a few things you'll need to consider when you're trying to create that perfect environment for your wine. Essentially you need to imitate a cave. Caves are where wine has been stored for centuries and is truly the ideal spot based on a few key features.

Caves are cool.

Temperature control is the most important aspect of wine health. Consistency is king meaning even if wines are kept slightly too warm as long as the temperature doesn’t oscillate that’s better than going from hot to cold between seasons. The main goal is to keep it between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Your typical food refrigerator is far too cold to allow the wines to stay happy and healthy.

That said, when you’reservingwhite, rosé or sparkling wine you want to chill it down to about 45 degrees. Storing temperature and serving temperature are different. All wine – that goes for white, red, rosé and sparkling – should be stored at the same temperature. Right before you serve white, rosé and sparkling you should chill it down about 10 degrees further in your regular refrigerator for about an hour.

Caves are dark.

(Note: This is also the reason caves are scary.)

That darkness prevents light from getting into your wine. You may notice wine bottles already have the first line of defense against this which is why the glass is tinted. Light – both sunlight and artificial –can react with the phenolic compounds in wine to contribute to its deterioration. Gross. You can prevent all of that nonsense by storing your wines in a consistently dark place.

Caves are still.

Vibration and especially regular abrupt movements can cause trouble for your precious juice over time. Keeping them in a closed off space that’s quiet and cool will help prevent any issues with upsets that accumulate over time.

Caves are wet.

One thing I reallydon'tlike about caves, besides bats, is that they drip. They're typically very humid environments. And while that doesn't sound too great for your blow out it isamazingfor storing wine over long periods of time.

When an environment is too dry corks can become brittle and crumble. When corks crumble oxygen can creep into the bottle and spoil the wine. That means a wine you have been saving for 5-10 years will spoil way before it reaches its peak deliciousness. Keeping bottles on their side will also help keep corks moist and help prevent the cork from drying out.

The Solution? Wine Fridges.

All of these cave-like attributes can be replicated in a wine fridge. Wine Fridges will keep your wines in a dark, cool and still place until you’re ready for ‘em. If you’re going for that baller lifestyle, the Eurocave line of cellars are the only ones on the market that will maintain humidity too. We’re happy to help you pick one so shoot us an email if you’re unsure. The best question to ask first is –how much wine do you need to store?– and go from there. We’ve included some of our favs on the right but peruse and find the one that’s right for you!

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