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Your Best in Class Bridal Suite Guide

By The ThirstyNest Editors

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When the big day is finally here don’t sleep on the best getting ready get-together of all time - the Bridal Suite! Depending on the size of your wedding party it can be anywhere from a full blown pre-game to an intimate pampering party. We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips to achieve getting gorgeous greatness on your big day.

1. The Playlist

Curate an amazing pump-up playlist in advance. This is a fun task to outsource to one of your wedding party pals to handle if you’re feeling stressed. Crowd pleasers are always a good choice. That could be throwbacks to the hits from when you and your party first met to a selection of classic guilty pleasures. T-Swift never fails here. As long as it’s upbeat and easy to sing along to you’ll have fun. Leave the slow dances and emo tracks to your awkward teenage years.

2. Bubbly Bar

Whether it’s morning or night it’s always the right time to pop bubbly on your wedding day. We recommend getting something crisp and refreshing that also photographs beautifully. Afterall, this will be one of the most documented days of your life. The Cavicchioli 1928 Prosecco is the perfect pour. It’s crisp and refreshing with a bottle that just won’t quit! All the flowers you need are painted right on the glass bottle.

We love the mini 187mLsalongside some paper straws for the ultimate in easy serving and adorability. Pile them in a bucket of ice alongside some garnishes such as lemon twists and fresh berries for Pinterest-perfection. Go beyond orange juice with some creative mixers like Chambord for Kir Royales or peach purée for Bellinis.

3. Hydration Station

Glowy skin is best achieved from within by staying hydrated. It’s easy to forget when you’re dancing up a storm on a balmy Summer evening. Keep that shimmer going all night long with lots of opportunities to sip before the party even starts.

Offer up some ice water alongside some more creative options. Drop some slices of fresh ginger and picked mint in a pitcher to make it a little more inviting or ice down a case of LaCroix so you can join in on the LaCraze. Beyond the drinks themselves, think about snacks that help to debloat like sliced cucumbers, watermelon and celery with dips.

4. Pajama Party!

Nothing saysBridal Suite Blisslike some adorable matching loungewear. Everyone’s seen the personalized robes but there are even more creative options out there for your friends to use long after the false lashes have fallen.

Personalized PJs are a nice touch for a sweet slumber party vibe. We also love creative button downs like flannels for winter weddings or a simple white collared shirt for Spring. Since they open in the front, button downs can be removed without ever touching that beautiful do’. Slippers and jewelry are extra credit and always appreciated by your crew.

5. A Place for Pampering

Let’s get real - the bridal suite is a waiting game. While all the gals get glammed up it’s fun to have some options for the team to enjoy together. Set up a little Spa Bar including sheet masks, nail polish for touch ups, lip scrubs, ring cleaner and even chilled eye masks to lay back and relax. You’ll turn your suite into a mini retreat.

6. Emergency Kit 101

Lest we forget Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. However, if you come prepared there’s nothing you can’t handle. That’s why a well stocked emergency kit is key to having a drama free day. Make sure to load up on fashion tape, safety pins, heel covers, stain kits, bobby pins, phone chargers and - most importantly - a steamer for everything from the dresses to the veil itself. This is another task that’s great to ask for help on from one of your doting bridesmaids or bridesmen. That way whatever comes your way you’re armed and ready!

Most importantly, enjoy these last few moments surrounded by family and friends! They’re a great time to reconnect with the people most important to you before saying “I do.”

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