Your Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

By Melissa Massello

After years of marriage, we know all too well the modern gymnastics couples have to perform just to stretch the limits of imagination and find thoughtful, meaningful gifts that fit traditional wedding anniversary themes. That's why we've got you covered -- at least for the first 10!

1st Wedding Anniversary: Clocks

Cork Catcher Collector's Clock: Because you want to remember every single bottle you've shared together. Display all the oenophile findings from your first year and beyond!

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

Canvas Wine Picnic Backpack Set: Because home (and happy hour) are wherever they are with you, but celebrating is so much more fun with besties. Literally take the party to-goanywherewith an all-in-one kit for four: Shakespeare in the park, a hike up a 4,000-footer, on a boat, or a rustic & wild Airbnb weekend.

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

Baccarat Louxor Glasses Set: Because your best whiskey should only be poured into the best glasses. And after three years together, your love deserves jewelry for the home bar as lasting as the ring on their finger. Say it forever with French crystal: your partnership is one of the greatest Wonders of the World.

4th Wedding Anniversary: Electrics

Blue 1 Automatic Wine Opener & Preserver Set: Because you've always been early adopters, and if you could only take one bar tool into space, it would be this sleek number. Simple, stylish, and everything you need to open and reseal wine without pushing a single button, helping you savor Every. Single. Drop. Of lifeandfavorite wines.

5th Wedding Anniversary: Silverware

Claude Dozorme Champagne Saber with Rosewood Handle: Becauseje suis prĂȘtto party, and nothing says party like sabering a bottle of bubb with a baller handmade sword so pretty you could display it on your piano, your bar, or your wall.

6th Wedding Anniversary: Wood

Monogrammed Corn Toss Game with Stave Legs: Because by this point (#marriagesecrets), you've no doubt realized that one of the best ways to heat things up again is with a little healthy competition. Chardonnays vs Cabernets ain't just for wedding day! Settle the score on the court, make up behind closed doors...

7th Wedding Anniversary: Copper

Beau Joie Brut NV Champagne: Because any bottle of bubbly that comes dressed in its own corset is sexy in its own right, but scratching that seven year itch together over this racy, indulgent sparkler istheway to celebrate a life well lived...and fashionable.

8th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze

Legacy Antique Bronze Corkscrew with Monogrammed Marble Stand: Because you imagine yourselves a real-life Dolores and Teddy, your home bar a modern saloon worthy of Westworld. Question the nature of your reality together in the best possible way, or just add authenticity to some role-playing, sharing knowing smirks across the room for eternity.

9th Wedding Anniversary: Leather

Monogrammed Leather BYO 6-Bottle Wine Weekender Bag: Because maybe you're sneaking supplies into your old dorm for the college reunion, or the amount of clothing needed for that romantic getaway is negligible. Either way, your secret is safe with us...and this classy AF monogrammed tote. Let the flame rekindling (baby-planning?) begin.

10th Wedding Anniversary: Steel

Code 38 Professional Wine Knife: Because precision engineering really gets your motors running, and this is the Formula 1 race-car of bar tools. Designed with the same passion as your marriage: strong yet lightweight, fine-tuned yet flexible, a trusty companion that doesn't skip a beat, always ready to make you lookbetter.

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