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Your Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Bachelor Nation Viewing Party

By Gabrielle Moss

From Our Partner / Rosa Regale

No matter what your Tuesday was like, there’s only one place to be at night: on your couch, wine glass in hand, drinking down every last drop of drama on your favorite Bachelor Nation show. Of course, following along with all the hometown dates, fantasy suites, final roses, and declarations of “This is so much harder than I thought” is fun even when you do it by yourself. But there’s nothing like watching with friends, in person or virtually—especially right now, when you could probably really use an excuse to have a little extra mid-week fun. So read for the ultimate guide to throwing a fun-filled, awesomely Instagrammable Bachelor Nation viewing party —because you absolutely are here to make friends.


As Bachelor Nation has taught us, first impressions are everything. So impress your guests with a Bach-tastic decor scheme, including roses galore, and a letter board featuring one of the show’s iconic phrases, like “Will you accept this rose?” or “Here for the right reasons.” Single roses placed in small bud vases by the snack bar, as well as by the TV, will give your guests some great photos. If you’re watching virtually, try setting an image from the Bachelor Mansion or an especially memorable group date as your background (admit it, you still regularly think about that time when they all went skiing in bikinis down the streets of San Francisco).


Did you know that while the Bachelor and Bachelorette have their looks pulled together by professional stylists, the contestants just wear their own clothes from home? If you’re feeling fancy, ask your guests to channel this spirit and dig through their closets for their own perfect limo introduction or cocktail party look. If you’re meeting virtually, everyone can do a fashion show, showing off their look to the group. Who knows—maybe someone will bring their own sloth costume.

Or, if you’re feeling more of a “girls night in” vibe, give your party a sleepover theme and have your guests show up in their favorite, comfiest pair of PJs (playing “Truth or Dare” during the commercial breaks is optional).


Here’s a rose we’d all gladly accept. Whether you serve Rosa Regale in flutes, tulip glasses for some more aromatics, or coupe glasses for a stylish retro vibe, these deep-red bubbles are as gorgeous as they are delicious. Toast along with the show and fall in love at first sip with Rosa’s sweetness and aromas of fresh raspberries and rose petals.


Admit it: the Bachelor is your favorite sport. So go all in, and create your own sports-style fantasy draft. Many sites offer printable bracket cards for Bachelor Nation shows —spend a few minutes before the show drafting your selections for the night’s episode, or, if you host weekly viewing parties, prepare a bracket for the whole season.

You can also use Bachelor Nation bingo cards to follow the night’s action. Download your own season or episode-specific ones online, or create your own, using the show’s most common recurring phrases (like “journey” or “right reasons”) or moments (anyone jumping into the ocean, a totally awkward hometown date). The winner gets a rose-shaped chocolate candy and a bottle of Rosa Regale.


There are two things you want any snack you serve at a Bachelor Nation viewing party to be: utterly decadent, and easy to eat while watching TV. Rosa Regale pairs especially well with chocolate, so set up a dessert bar with all your favorite chocolate treats, from homemade brownie bites and chocolate-dipped strawberries, to sinfully rich cookies and luxurious individually-wrapped chocolates. Rosa Regale also pairs wonderfully with cheese, so make sure to pull together a quick cracker, cheese, and charcuterie board, too (bonus points if you make prosciutto roses). If you’re meeting virtually, decide on one snack you’ll each make at your own home and eat together while you watch (however, unlike Bachelor Nation contestants, you’ll have to actually eat your meal while on camera).

Rose Ceremony

If you had some in-person guests, make sure to present each of them with one of the roses from your décor. (It’s a great photo op and it helps with clean-up!). If you’re meeting virtually, send them a virtual rose . Either way, channel your inner Chris Harrison and let them know that they were here for the right reasons tonight.

However you have your Bachelor Nation viewing party, remember to have fun and check out our Bachelor Nation viewing party collection.

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